who is schenk?

On a sunny afternoon, more than a

decade ago, my passion for real estate

business awoke. While I was walking my

dog I spotted a very expensive lamp

from a well-known designer on the

sidewalk. A little note stuck to it

saying “zum mitnehmen”. I was about to

obey the message on the note and

thank the universe for the lucky

coincidence, when my consciousness made

me ring the doorbell. An old

lady opened. A moment later I

was carrying the thing up the stone

stairs to her front door and back

into her living room. She was very

grateful as she hadn’t known what a

pearl she was about to give away.

I called for my dog and

went home.

A week later, I had a call.

The old lady wanted me to sell her

lamp. And her house!

remo schenk

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