welcome to schenk real estate -founded 2009- blog.

we offer you aesthetic eye candy out of the broad universe of architecture.

enjoy. peace, love and Corbusier. (he was swiss).


we listen.
this is no ordinary real estate agency. i do this, because i am passionate about people and homes. bringing things together when they belong together, makes me happy. that’s why i listen carefully to your needs, and walk the extra mile for you. through the whole buying or selling process you can be sure to have a trustworthy assistant at your side.

we mediate.
schenk real estate is specialized in hand-picked quality objects. i buy and sell, find buyers and sellers, i renovate, i advise, i connect. whether you need an interior designer, an architect or assistance in contractual or tax purposes, thanks to my broad network you can benefit of the whole package.

we guide.
selling or buying a real estate object can be like a flight through stormy weather. when facing uncertainties you need a pilot who can steadily lead the way. not only in terms of investment and building matters, but also emotionally. and i would like to offer you my guidance on your way to a successful and satisfying real estate deal.



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hand-picked quality objects

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we guide

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